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Hey, you rebel!

Have you ever wanted to declare your love of crafting but were stuck with crappy slogans in comic sans? Wanted to take back that "old-timey hobby" and show others how it's done today?

Here, we create original, high-quality t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories with a modern flair. From quilting to knitting, needlework to sewing, Handmade Rebellion is made by us, for us. Whether it's become a full-time job or is just a side project, it's important to celebrate who we are as makers, doers, and skilled artisans. Show off that you're part of the handmade rebellion.

We are a community, and who we are is just as important as the things we make. That's why Handmade Rebellion designs a wearable identity for makers and aims to be inclusive, bridging themes of modern and classic together. Offering fun, subversive, and comfortable t-shirts with some sass, we're definitely not your granny's t-shirt company (but we bet she'd still look good in one!)

There are so many directions we all get pulled in, and so many hats we wear... so we figured that wearing something we feel represents our character made the direction clear.

We want you to be a part of the growing rebel nation of makers showing the world that we can! That we are the future, the past, and we are right now. Together, we make the world go 'round. There is a revolution going on and it's

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